Increase Curb Appeal and Restore Your Property’s Exterior

Pressure washing services in Lafayette, LA

Overtime, the exterior of your commercial property can take a beating. Weather, exposure to sun and dirt can reduce the overall look and feel of the exterior of your property. Don’t put your business goals at risk because potential employees, clients or investors are turned off by an unsightly exterior. Instead, partner with a local company you can trust to get your exterior in the best of shape.

In addition to janitorial, waxing and stripping services, C&S Janitorial Service also offers professional power washing services. We understand that most people are focused on the look and feel of the interior of their properties. That’s why we are committed to providing comprehensive services that we customize to maintain your business both inside and out.

We use our own equipment and adhere to the latest in industry techniques and safety standards. From garages and sidewalks to patios and your business’ entire exterior, count on our cleaning experts to get the job done! Call 337-739-6660 today to schedule your next power washing service.